How To Find A Home Owner

How To Find A Home Owner


Navigating The Territory

You just wrapped a job in a neighborhood, and you’re interested in finding your next lead. Maybe a storm has come through the area. Or maybe the location has homes that are 20+ years old.

Either way, you’re in the home services industry and you know that there’s more work to be done and money to be made. You’ve tried canvassing. You’ve driven up and down the rows of houses. Maybe you’ve even tried some cold calling or sending out mailers to try and gauge interest in order to close your next deal.

However, with everything you’ve tried it doesn’t seem like its enough. You’re not getting in touch with home owners. You’re not closing deals. Maybe hiring more sales people will solve the problem. Maybe you already have a rockstar sales team. You have the perfect script, you know how to close, but something still isn’t working.

This is your expertise and you’ve got your business dialed in, so what’s the problem?

The Problems With Door Knocking

How often do you answer your door when a stranger knocks, let alone when the person standing outside looks like they are trying to sell you something? If you’re the one canvassing and someone does answer, how likely is it that you’re speaking to the decision maker or home owner?


When nearly 70% of your potential prospects might not be home when your team is canvassing, your options for reaching a home owner dramatically diminish. Your ability to knock doors in gated communities takes your chances of reaching these customers to almost zero chance.

The Challenges With Cold Calling

Naturally, it makes sense that as a home services company you may try cold calling as a sales approach. Cold calling takes the same idea as door knocking, but with less steps (literally). Maybe you aren’t hoofing it by foot, but it comes with it’s own set of unique challenges.

How do you know you’re calling the right phone number, or the right person? Is the person you’re trying to call on the Do Not Call list?

Getting reliable data can be a significant challenge, and if it isn’t accurate it can become another obstacle that keeps you from getting in touch with the home owner.


Navigating Obstacles

You’ve probably tried the local assessor’s office, or county recorder. Maybe you’ve spent money on title searches, or lead generation software. There’s certainly no shortage of options for discovering who the home owner is for a given address. These approaches can be useful. Some more than others. The downside for most of these options is that they’re either slow and tedious, or in the case of software solutions they can make promises that they can’t keep by providing data that isn’t reliable. Even if your solution identifies the home owner, it doesn’t mean you’ll have a reliable way to reach them. Or what if you need to reach the nearest 200 neighbors?

Overcoming The Obstacle

telefi bridges the gap with up-to-date fresh and accurate data used by industry leaders. By aggregating hundreds of data points our product intelligently finds the best matching record for the home owner associated with the address you’re interested in, and scrubs that data for the Federal Do Not Call list.

Our product delivers real results, at scale. No more fussing with slow processes, or guess work. You can confidently find the home owner data you’re looking for without sacrificing the most valuable cornerstones of your business. Time and money.