The Truth About Solar Leads

The Truth About Solar Leads


If you've been in the solar industry a while, you're aware of all the potential ways you can generate leads.

Knocking doors, passing out business cards or good ol' fashioned customer referrals.

But what about those lead generation companies you hear about?

The truth about buying leads

There are some great solar lead generation companies out there and some of them put a lot of work into making sure they are giving you quality appointments.

The most common ways these leads are generated are

  • Landing Pages
  • Phone Rooms
  • Social Ads

Landing Pages

These are basically pages that are spun up to capture search interest. When you search "solar near me" or "solar power", these pages often show up after the paid results. These pages are built by Search Engine Optimization and web developers, and they funnel those leads to you for a price. It's a great way to capture interested parties, but the problem is that once you're on this list, you're on it. The data is often recycled and passed between parties, and you often lose the exclusivity that is so valuable.

Phone Rooms

These are leads that are purchased from the landing page builders, or just purchased outright as bulk data. They are then called and qualified by a phone room, who sets the appointment. Efficacy can swing wildly depending on the quality of the phone room. Solar sales requires a high amount of knowledge to qualify and sell properly.

Social Ads

These are ads on Facebook, Tik Tok, Instagram, etc. Once again the quality of leads can vary company by company, and the age or "freshness" of data can as well.

Which is best?

Well, they all can be good or bad depending on your sales process and production concerns. Maybe you're working out of a small area, or prefer certain utility providers that have better buyback rates.

And well, we might be biased. We think that businesses are the best people to determine the "quality" of a lead. There are factors that only you can account for. That's why we built telefi.